Welcome to IDEEN.com!

IDEEN.com is offering a large selection of high quality
textile materials, especially natural white silk in a unique
variety. This is where textile professionals from trade
and industry, workshops, and studios from around the
world buy their silk, wool, linen, hemp, and cotton – also
in controlled and certified GOTS quality: not just organic,
but also fair!

Bestsellers at IDEEN.com:
Natural white and undyed IDEEN.com silk:
Fabrics, scarves, accessories for artists and studios.
100%SILK: natural white silk accessories in large
quantities, reasonably priced for silk painting.
ideengutta®: pre-printed items for silk painting.
Silk paints: H.Dupont, AVANTGARDE, JAVANA
FLYFEL®: nonwoven and tops for nuno-felting.
Cotton accessories for textile design.
Organic cotton, the better alternative.

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Extra large cotton satin: Just arrived.

Satin 12005 - woven width 280cm, suitable for bed and table linen, home decoration, clothing. With its soft and voluminous grip and  glossy surf… Read

Pencil Cases are back in stock!

The versatile pencil case 4158 - for paperwork, cosmetics or small treasures - is in stock again. The fabric quality - a tightly woven canvas in a no… Read

FLYFEL®-wosiweb black/turquoise blue back again!

One of our bestsellers is finally back in stock again:
FLYFEL®-wosiweb 11365 - turquoise blue coloured, shiny silk fibers needled into black woo… Read

FLYFEL®-web in new colours.

FLYFEL®-web available now in new colours! Read

Linen gauze for Nuno felting.

Super soft linen fabric, developed by IDEEN.com especially for Nuno felting! IDEEN.com No. 13047

We improved the quality greatly.

Cushion covers made of fine cotton fiber from organic agriculture. Spun in long-life Compact-quality standard. Perfectly woven poplin. NE 40 in weft … Read

Noble silk ribbons.

Pure silk ribbons very fine overlocked with best silk thread. Perfect for silk painting and dyeing. Popular as friendship bracelets for the arms, hea… Read

Silk string for presents and jewellery.

Hand-rolled string made of pure Pongee 08 silk, easy to dye or colourize. Makes presents that much more precious, when used instead of wrapping paper… Read

Small tote bag with long handles.

By popular demand: The small tote bag with long handles is finally here! A real eye-catcher with its new proportions; the bag is perfectly suited for… Read

Grey cloth for your own ideas.

An all-round fabric: Cretonne - also called "nettle". Directly from the loom still stiff because of the starch, it will become soft and ver… Read

Indian Dupion with Schiffli-Embroidery.

Real Indian dupion silk with Schiffli Embroidery, a Swiss technology that we use in India to stitch with white rayon thread allover designs on white … Read

Batiste Scarves with perfect hand rolled hem.

These really cool cotton scarves you should get to know: Super hand rolled hem. Lovingly made fringes. Some are crinkled to braids. These new scarves… Read

Novelty: Organic cotton muslin.

Highlight 1222: Our first fairtrade and GOTS certified cotton muslin from 100% controlled organic production!
Please note: You will receive a loomst… Read

Soft interlock fabric from pure new wool.

This woolen fabric is knitted from a such fine yarn - its surface is shining! Wear this soft material on your skin in natural white; dyed it serves a… Read

Shopping bags, certified to GOTS!

Shopping bags like 48202 are made of organic cotton, available in beautiful, powerful colours. The bags are useful for shopping around the corner, fo… Read